Marc Gerritsen

A self-taught, internationally acclaimed architect, photographer, industrial designer, and artist, Marc has travelled to more than 70 countries and speaks 7 languages. Throughout his 40+ prolific years as an independent poly-creative, Marc’s diverse body of work has been featured, exhibited, published and curated in countless galleries, books and magazines.   His own book, Taiwan Mode, is a reference tome on who-is-who in Taiwan design scene.  Now Marc brings his “naked, honest, resilient” design style and sensibilities to MAAD Design & Properties, and is the architect/designer of A.W. LAKE Wellness USA headquarters. To see more of Marc’s work and photography, visit:  www.marcgerritsen.com

Adria W. Lake

A 20+ year veteran and respected leader in the Wellness Industry, Adria and her team at A.W. LAKE delighted in breaking rules and new grounds.   Adria’s bold vision and innovative approach are the driving force behind A.W. LAKE’s award-winning spa designs, treatments, and products.   Having completed more than 200 projects for the world’s best luxury hospitality brands, Adria has recently relocated her company to Colorado and sets her sight on changing the world through her Resilience-based Wellness® concept and projects.   More on Adria:  www.awlakedesign.com