A.W.LAKE Builds New H.Q. and introduces
Resilience-Based Wellness Concept


A.W.LAKE, an award-winning wellness design firm based in Singapore, has recently acquired 16 hectares (4o acres) property in Northern Colorado as the site of its new headquarters in the US. The mountain top property borders national forest land and the Rocky mountain wilderness. The innovative firm also introduces Resilience-based Wellness, a new approach to wellness based on our inherent resilience and evolutionary hardwiring.


Colorado, USA

Located within a 3200 acre private ranch and nature reserve, A.W.LAKE, in partnership with MAAD design, apply Resilient Design principles in building its new U.S. headquarters.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

An effortlessly chic and stylish city pad overlooking Amsterdam’s iconic waterways, the Canal House is an urban oasis with a lighthearted spirit and sophisticated soul.


Koh Samui, Thailand

Unembellished, unpretentious, and completely at ease with its wild and breathtaking surrounding, the Naked House offers an authentic island living experience and connection to nature.


Jimbaran, BALI

a perfect fusion of old and new, indoor and outdoor, this expansive ocean view villa mingles modern architecture with traditional Balinese open-style living to create a one- of- a-kind experience


Principles and Philosophy

ADRIA W. LAKE on Resilience-based Wellness [Rbw] — excerpts from Q&A“Resilience, not prevention, is the future.    As the rapid advancement in bio-technology, genetic modifications, DNA based research and medicine, VR, big data analytic, global connectivity, access to personal info/health data, and our innate desire for immortality intersect, enhancing our resilience to diseases, environmental stresses, natural and man-made disasters, chemical toxins, and even death would be the most logical way to secure our future on the planet.“

“Resilience-based Wellness asserts that the capacity to not only survive but thrive is encoded in our DNA.  Through millions of years of natural selection, we inherited our ancestors’ resilient, resourceful, and productive genes.  The frail, weak, disease prone and fearful of our species would have died out.   This is how we have evolved to be the planet’s most successful species.”

“RbW takes on a different approach and attitude towards prevention.   Rather than striving to protect ourselves from external forces,control our environment, or fretting over the infinite number of possible threats, we focus on building our resistance to them.

By exposing and opening ourselves to as many different types of unfamiliar situations and conditions, resilient individuals face stress, adversity, trauma, tragedy, and threats from a state of “readiness” and are confident that they will bounce back stronger and even more resilient.” Read More




Resilient buildings are honest, unembellished, unpretentious. They stand naked and exposed, bold and completely at ease in their surroundings. More than focusing on sustainability and minimizing our impact on the environment, resilient design assimilates and works in partnership with its surrounding to enhance the building performance and durability. Read more…


With over 20 years of experience in designing award-winning wellness facilities for some of the world’s most distinguished Hotel and Resort brands, our team of Resilience-based Wellness™ experts work closely with our clients in conceptualizing and planning original and innovative facilities for each project we undertake. Read more…


Working in collaboration with Scott Carney, an anthropologist, investigative journalist and New York Times best selling author of “What Doesn’t Kill us” as soon to be released “the Wedge”, Resilience-based Wellness™ aims to challenge conventions and break boundaries to expand our understanding of human fitness, abilities, and well being.
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